Our Services / Solutions:

Our organization is a leading professional consultancy services organization providing comprehensive international business consulting services and Information Technology solutions to health care industry and governmental organizations. DHS is staffed by a well-trained, innovative and experienced group of professionals.

International Business Consulting

o Business Development and Management Services
o Procurement of Medical Equipment and Supplies
o Strategic Planning and Capacity Building

DHS provides its clients with international business consulting services including business development and management, acquisition and delivery of medical equipment and supplies to non-profit primary and secondary hospitals and healthcare centers. Our organization can act as a coordinating body and use our relationship to secure medical equipments and supplies to hospitals, clinics and medical centers in developing countries.

Biomedical Equipment Planning and Training

o Biomedical Equipment Planning Services
o Biomedical Equipment Installation, Operation and Maintenance
o Biomedical Engineering & Technicians Training (BMETs) Services

DHS works with international hospitals firms in the design of healthcare facilities that meet U.S. hospital standards; supply and installation of medical and related technical equipment including all relevant consumables and available budget. DHS provides its clients with biomedical equipment installation and clinical training. DHS Biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs) install, operate and maintain medical equipment, like defibrillators, imaging equipment, dialysis units and heart-lung machines.

Through our procurement department, we can provide medical equipment planning from definition to the implementation of capital equipment. We provide medical equipment planning services for hospitals that involve the selection, specification and procurement of medical equipment and taking into account the required level of technology, program planning objectives.

Health Care Information Technology Solutions Provider

Your organization can dramatically improve their performance by taking advantage of the new Healthcare Information Technology offered by DHS. We provide expert analysis, solutions, implementation, testing and training in the following areas:

o Hospital Information Systems
o Physician Practice Management System and Electronic Medical Records
o Managed Care information Systems
o HIPAA Information System Compliance Services
o EDI Transaction
o Web-enabling Existing Applications
o Internet and Wireless Technologies
o Network Security, Archival and Data Storage Technologies